03/03/16 Remember The Night??? Six of Cups

6C Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Happy memories are a wonderful thing – we may delight in the sharing of stories and sweet reminiscences – but we must always remember they are memories.

You are tempted to enfold yourself in rose-colored memories – maybe you are looking for a little respite from the intense work you have been doing – but you MUST NOT allow yourself to wallow in the past when there is so much going on right here, right now!

I have nothing against memories; all our experiences  and lessons are locked in our memories for recall as needed. In our daily lives, this is both practical and important:

  • Green light means GO!
  • Growling dog means stay away.
  • If meat has turned green, do not eat it. 

But some memories take us to a place that isn’t real, a place we lovingly refer to as “TheGoodOldDays” or “WhenWeWereYoung” – glossy representations of happy families, clean cities, green parks, blue water, etc., etc., etc., – and every last bit of it, a beautiful lie we create for ourselves. Small moments of happiness around a bonfire become blown up into an entire summer (“Don’t you remember that summer by the lake?”)

We all need a happy place for the occasional  internal retreat so enjoy your happy memories but do not linger too long. It may be a lovely place to visit but cannot live there.


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

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