02/29/16 TAKE A LEAP!!!! The World

World Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

“Ta-da!! Take  good look folks! This is what winning looks like!!”

You have been working hard and success is visible – you can see the fruit ripening!! If you want to take a little bow, go right ahead. You earned it! 

While you may find the surprise of the naysayers unflattering, do not waste any of your precious resources (time, energy, engagement, etc.) on them. Success remains the best revenge – let them eat their hearts out! – and anyway, you have more important things to do. Nobody’s gonna break your stride!

Today, February 29th, 2016, is Leap Day; use it to take a flying leap at something (or someone) that interests you. You are flush with success and firing on all cylinders – there will not be a better time for you to go for it – so take a deep breath and leap!


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook. Music from YouTube))

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