02/03/16 Ante Up!! Justice

“You play the hand you were dealt. The way you play it will determine your next hand.” Barbara Moore

Justice Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Justice is an interesting concept so often missing from day to day dealings with one another, particularly where our legal system plays a part, and yet somehow utterly unavoidable. Why? I refer to her original name – Karma.

John Lennon famously wrote, “Instant Karma’s going to get you,” and he was right for the most part. Sometimes, she strikes on the spot – we are all familiar with this and it’s probably better to take the medicine in the moment when the cause and effect are clear.

But most of the time, Karma takes her time; after all, she does not work for us and has no obligation to meet us on our time. She will see to settling accounts when and how it suits her, and you will have nothing to say about it because whatever it is, it will be as good as you have coming to you.

Today’s card is a reminder; with so much go-go-go-do-do-do-get-get-get energy flying around, it might be a bit too easy to cut corners without consideration for possible consequences. REMEMBER: You are responsible for all consequences of your making, including the unintentional ones.

Think twice, act once – mindfulness is your friend.


((Images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))


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