01/15/16 WEEKEND: 8 of Swords, The Moon, The Sun


First, The Bad News, Part 1: It all seems terribly precarious. The messages have been about movement, going forward, starting new pathways, and yet despite near constant assurance, you just don’t feel ready. You are uneasy, uncomfortable, plagued with dread and doubt – you are not imagining it. Something is amiss.

Second, The Bad News, Part 2:  You realize what is amiss; you have not received all pertinent information. Perhaps it was withheld for your “own good” or just overlooked as unimportant – no matter as it reveals itself to you now. 

Third, The Good News: Knowledge is power! Now that you know what was missing (as well as how to deal with it!), it is no problem and the uneasiness subsides. You are happy to continue forward with a new lease on hope and success. Well done!!

THE TWO-PART TAKEAWAY: First, do not dismiss your instincts; if it feels off, chances are something is in fact amiss (do not allow naysayers to wave you off – make them put up or shut up!). Second, do not allow doubt to suck away hope! Your journey is always about the best version of yourself – if that requires a detour or change in course strategy, so be it!


((Images courtesy of Google Images. Cards from The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell.))

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