01/12/16 Everybody Feng Shui Tonight! Queen of Pentacles

“I would ask you to excuse the disorder of my home but that disorder is me.”

QP Steam

((Card featured from The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell.))

I am the first to admit it; I am my own worst enemy. Generally, I think this is true for us all. We create our own barriers, often by holding on to what is no longer needed or serving; we can do this on every level, spiritually as well as physically and everything in between. 

Take a look around you. RIGHT NOW, you have the following in play:

  • The start of 2016.
  • Coming out of the first Dark Moon of 2016.
  • Mercury Retrograde until 01/25/16.
  • The Queen of Pentacles in charge of 01/12/16.

THE BIG REVEAL: Time to de-clutter your life!

If you have not already started the purge, today is the day! If you do not a) need it, b) use it, c) love it, or d) think it is beautiful, GET RID OF IT!! Throw it away, sell it, donate it, give to a friend – whatever! – but get it out of your space. You do not have the time, energy, space or resources to waste on excess items serving no purpose; remove them to order your space* in the best way that suits you.

The Queen of Pentacles rules in beauty and comfort, always welcoming and never apologizing. Use her energy to guide you to a home as welcoming as you are.

*Need help with storage, organizing, or decorating tips? The internet is your friend! Take a look at the many websites and videos sharing advice and info on these subjects.

((All images courtesy of Google Images.))


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