2015 Christmas Weekend: Warm Hearts Under The Cold Moon

Don’t miss the holiday weekend reading!

Moon In Selene

((Most of us are facing a four day holiday weekend. This reading covers 12/24/15 (Christmas Eve), 12/25/15 (Christmas Day/Full Moon), 12/26/15, and 12/27/15. Please enjoy.))

2S Steam

Hierophant SteamTower Steam

QC SteamAS SteamStar Steam

((Cards are read left to right, bottom to top. Cards featured: The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell.))


Food! Family! Presents! Hope! Joy! Love!


For the first time since 1977, we have a Cold Moon Christmas!!

The Full Moon in all of her radiant splendor, smiling on us all as we gather and celebrate. And she is in the nick of time, too!

A brilliant poet wrote, “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” but he does not remark on how well it will work out for you. As the cards above remind us, this time of year is both joyous and fraught with peril.

No family is perfect and for many…

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