12/14/15 The Fuse Is Lit! Ace of Wands

“Forget the Big Bang – I can create a universe with this tiny spark.” Barbara Moore

AW Steam

The Ace of Wands delivers action-packed energy for creating what you will RIGHT NOW – ready or not. To best utilize this energy while it is here, make a plan, roll up your sleeves, set it in motion, reap the results. However, there are two thoughts on caution : 

  • Know what you want for surely you are going to get it!
  • Know what you don’t want and avoid creating it.

If you have a great deal to accomplish (and don’t we all, this time of year), this energy has arrived in time to help you get things done – but do not dawdle! The fuse is lit and the time is short; if you want to make solid use of this energy, you must hop to it!!

((All images courtesy of Google Images. Card featured from The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell.))

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