12/10/15 The Way We Were: Six of Cups

Under normal circumstances, the Six of Cups may be a pull toward the past with lingering nostalgia, particularly during the holiday season. And under those normal circumstances, this page would probably speak of happy memories, appreciating the past, relishing the longings and lessons of youth – that experiential time so potent, they seemed to go on forever in the blink of an eye – but these are not normal circumstances.

6C Steam

If you have been following this page, you know the messages have been clear; go forward, move ahead, let it go, become your best self, and let us not forget a significantly powerful New Moon on Friday. The message is clearly different than relishing the past but rather a warning; do not get caught up in romantic notions of the past – leave them there. Let those fond memories live in their amber casings, suspended in time with no impact on the present you are currently forging. 


((All images courtesy of Google Images. Card featured from The Steampunk Tarot by Moore and Fell.))

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