2015 Beaver Moon arrives 11/25/15

Moon In Selene

PgP Steam

4P steamHigh Priestess Steam

10C SteamMoon Steam2W Steam

((Read cards left to right, bottom to top.))

2015 Beaver Moon: Make Ready For The Big Chill

The holidays are upon us! Autumn is giving way and Winter begins to stir – Nature’s beauty and wonder is all around us!

It also an incredibly busy time of year with very definite deadlines: Thanksgiving, 11/26/15; Hanukkah 12/07-14/15; Yule 12/21/15; Christmas Eve, 12/24/15; Christmas Day, 12/25/15; New Year’s Eve, 12/31/15; New Year’s Day, 01/01/16*. For most of us, holiday deadlines almost always mean the same thing – a great deal of last minute running around in a near panic. Do you have all the ingredients? Are the presents wrapped? Did the invitations go out? Where are all the serving spoons?

And let us not forget the perennial favorite, “Never again! This is the last time! We are not doing this next year!!” (Uh-huh.Yeah. Sure you’re not. Good luck with that.)

The reading…

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