11/06-08/15 WEEKEND: Moon, Ten of Cups, Page of Cups

Moon Steam 10C Steam 33ecb42607aabbddd5bbc2e660fe585b

The following card descriptions can be found in Barbara Moore’s The Steampunk Tarot Manual.

The Moon: “It was all so strange, and I cannot remember it properly. Well, you know how dreams are.”

Ten of Cups: “This is it: right here, right now. This is the heart of my life.”

Page of Cups: “Juliet was a poseur.”

Once again, the weekend is upon us with its promise of rest and relaxation; promises so often unfulfilled as we run errands, complete chores, attend to grown-up life.


Take some time out for fun – it is important to maintain your grown-up life but it is also important to give yourself a break. Make a plan to do something fun, maybe try something new – a new ethnic restaurant, a movie genre you don’t normally choose, something. ANYTHING.

It is very easy to fall into the rut of the mundane, calling it “necessary” and “comfortable.’ This weekend, try something new.


((All images courtesy of Google images.))


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