10/02/15 WEEKEND: 10 of Swords, Two of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune

10S Steam 2P Steam Wheel Steam

From time to time, we become overwhelmed by our everyday lives; family obligations, work responsibilities, and the nightly news seem to gang up on us. We feel ourselves sinking into the ground under the weight of it all.

The bad news: even if it is mostly in our heads, it is still very real.

The good news: we can handle it.

The better news: it is temporary.

We can handle it but we are tired. When we are moving, doing, getting it done, we are not wallowing in anxiety or worry. But the night brings downtime, darkness and a barrage of thoughts – sleep is fitful at best, sometimes not at all. So often we hear people say well-meaning things such as “Don’t worry about it” or “Just let it go” or “It’s all in your head. It’ll be ok.” And while those bits of advice may sometimes be appropriate reminders to shake off disappointment, they are not useful here and now (the 10 of Swords is made of tough stuff).

REMEMBER: Anxieties carry messages. Read the messages and send the messengers on their way; some anxieties are very real and need serious attention while others are really just our brains having a go at us for fun.  

SUGGESTION: Allow a limited amount of time to examine one or two particular anxieties each night, really look at them and decode them; write down thoughts and feelings for review and possible strategy development. When the time is up, allow the mind to empty, relax, rest and restore. We each have the tools necessary to handle whatever comes, whatever needs doing – know it. And let us treat ourselves to some kindness with a bit of break.

The Wheel, just as the very Universe itself, never stops spinning. This time of heightened anxiety will certainly pass.

How we handle the journey is entirely up to each of us. 


((All images courtesy of Google images.))

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