08/22-23/15 Death and The Equinox

At the risk of becoming a *broken record, Transitions and Transformations are the consistent  messages of late: Death Steam

  • Death will not stop her surge to the fore.
  • The Equinox is upon us.
  • The astro-weather will not let up (for more info, consult Madame Zolonga at  www.madamezolonga.com).

What should we be doing with all of this transition energy? What are the big takeaways? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The important things do not change – some things are always true. After much careful deliberation, I have come to the following conclusions:

  • Be honest: first with yourself, then with others.
  • Pay attention: watch the details and work smart, instead of hard.
  • Stand by your word: do not make promises you cannot keep, and be sure to keep the promises you make.
  • Don’t be afraid: it’s okay to try new things, just start small – sample new foods, try a different lipstick – and work up to bigger, better things as you find it enjoyable.
  • Laugh out loud: do this every day. Life is very funny – see the humor.
  • Speak softly: I do not mean quietly but rather gently and with consideration. A bit of kindness goes a very long way.
  • Count your blessings: be grateful for all the ways you are blessed, and do not think about what is missing.
  • Head up: Pride only goes before the fall when we inflate it. It is okay to take an amount of pride in yourself, your skills, your accomplishments and remember what blessings helped you (se above).
  • LOVE: Love yourself, love others, and remember you are loved.

Autumn arrives this week, bringing scarves, sweaters, boots, bonfires, and pumpkins. Let us welcome any changes that arrive with the same enthusiasm we show for pumpkin muffins and lattes.

*Age Alert! Age Alert! This Taroist remembers records!! If you do not, Google it.


((All images courtesy of Google Images. ))

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