08/26/15 My Own Worst Enemy: Ten of Swords

Some days are more challenging than others.10S Steam

Some days, we just can’t get out of our own way.

Some days, getting out of bed seems like a really lousy idea.

Anyone – and I do mean ANYONE – can have such a day.

The only question: What will you do about it?

FIRST: Relax. Most of your dread is smoke from another fire – give yourself a break. Open a window and breathe.

SECOND: Stretch! Stretch! Stretch! It always feels good, and every little bit helps. 

THIRD: Take a long, hot shower; let the water help wash away the anxiety.

FOURTH: Go outside for a walk; even as little as block will do you some good.

Once you are out in the world, allow yourself to relax and enjoy every cloud, leaf, or bird. 

We create the life we live; that to which we give our power will then have power over us – if we allow it.

Life is full of possibilities; do not allow your light to be dimmed by your own negative thoughts.

((All images courtesy of Google Images.))


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