07/31/15 It’s Fine, You’re Not Bleeding: Three of Swords

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I know it hurts but you are not dying.

Three of Swords will not be denied, making a second appearance in less than two weeks.

I could blame the major Venus retrograde for leaving people with general feelings of dread and heartbreak but I will not.

Own your thoughts – they belong to you and you are responsible for them – and do not allow them to make you feel bad.

Media takes up so much oxygen in our modern time, it is almost impossible to avoid negative (i.e. sad, angry, hateful, etc.) ideas and attitudes, resulting in negative thoughts and feelings. Since you cannot live in a cave you must instead learn to manage your thoughts effectively – do not allow your mind to inflict pain on your heart – everyone struggles, and everything changes; action is the only truth.


Take a little time for self care everyday. Following are some suggestions of small things you can do any day:

  • Look for a favorite old song on youtube (or wherever you like), and just listen to it,
  • Play a favorite album while working, driving, fixing dinner, etc, and remember why you love it so much.
  • Brew a cup (or pot, if you have enough time) of your favorite tea, get lost in the simple process of choosing the tea, the mug, boiling the water, etc.
  • Take a coffee break; pour the coffee, sit quietly, drink the coffee, enjoy the peace and the coffee.
  • Eat an ice cream cone. No further instruction needed.
  • Buy a new, more daring, shade of lipstick; enjoy the process of trying and choosing the new shade for a positive you.
  • Read a chapter in a book you have been “dying to read.” Can’t do a whole chapter? Start with a few pages.
  • Breathe deeply, hold it for two beats, exhale completely. You can do this at any time, anywhere, and as much as you like and it will always feel good.
  • Stretch!!! Any part of your body, anytime you like, it feels fabulous!

REMEMBER: It’s your – every thought belongs to you – make sure they are what you want them to be!!

((All images courtesy of Google Images.))


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