07/29/15 Choose To Be Free: Eight of Swords


I have seen the enemy, and she is me.

The world is full of information and media; it is difficult to still the mind and too easy to fall down the rabbit hole – conspiracy theories lurk at everywhere, and some of them ring a bit too true for comfort. If we watch (or read) the daily news, collapse of civilization is imminent, possibly scheduled for next Tuesday. And as always, we have the daily grind of obligations, responsibilities, and a comet headed for earth.

STOP THE MADNESS!! Time to take control of the situation! 

All thoughts are just that – thoughts – and believe it or not, you don’t work for them, they work for you.

It is important to understand the mistakes of history and keep an eye on current events. However, it serves nothing to wallow in negative, disturbing, angry or destructive thoughts – so release yourself from them.

That’s right, you heard me – release yourself! 

Only you have the power to release yourself. You have the right to think positively and freely, and the only permission you need is your own. Allow yourself the peace and freedom of quiet stillness and mental ease.   

Your freedom is entirely up to you.

((All images courtesy of Google images.))

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