“Joy is found not in things but in people. Life overflows with prosperity of the heart.” Deborah Blake


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))


We say good-bye to February this week, sending it off with this message of love: let’s be excellent to each other!

(Thank you, Bill and Ted!)

The overall message this week is a reminder to love and appreciate each other; possessions can be replaced, people cannot. Do not blow off that lunch get together – life can change in an instant and you may regret it forever.

Know the value of the people in your life RIGHT NOW while they are with you because regret is a heavy burden in aid of nothing.

Start your week off right – tell your people you love them, and be sure your actions back you up.

Enjoy the new week! 

((Because I want to conjure love AND summer energy, have some good vibes!))

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NOTE: It was my intention to include The Beach Boys Good Vibrations but instead, The Troggs appeared – twice! No reason I could see other than it was supposed to be here. Take that as you will – clearly a message meant for someone.


02/22-24/19 WEEKEND: GET IT DONE!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))


You’ve got work to do this weekend so get to it!

Following up on yesterday’s theme of “NO DISTRACTIONS!” this Pisces Season, we find a weekend full of work to do and strong energy to help us do them.

CAUTION: Do not put too much pressure on yourself to make things “perfect” as there really is no such thing. Do the best you can with what you’ve (at any given time), and accept progress may sometimes move more slowly than you might like. 

REMINDER: Balance remains an important piece of every puzzle, and this weekend is no different. Do not allow the work to eclipse everything else – it is still the weekend! Be sure to take some time to rest, catch up with friends, whatever. All work and no play makes for a miserable life.

Enjoy the weekend!

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IMG_3939 (1)

((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))

Our week is rolling to a close with yet another appearance of Six of Swords. This powerful reminder to stay on your own course could not be more perfectly timed – we have entered Pisces Season. 


Yes, indeed! The Fish have surfed The Wheel right back to the top, and this wrap up of the year-long cycle can be difficult for anyone without a substantial amount of water in their chart. 

  • Talk to Air signs, they’ll report difficult “thinking straight.”
  • Talk to Fire signs, they’ll yawn about a lack of “get up and go!’ 
  • Talk to Earth signs, they’ll likely complain of “feeling unsettled.”

With Pisces comes deep water (not as dark or turbulent as Scorpio but no less dangerous), potential for profound change, and the Dark Goddess demanding her share of dance partners.


Pisces Season, ruled by dreamy, watery, beautiful Neptune, would love us to float along with our fantasy, avoid our responsibilities, and check out for the duration. And as lovely as that may sound, the truth of the matter is WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THAT!

THE TAKEAWAY: Keep up with you self-care (it’s the best defense against weakened energy and resolve) and keep to your pathway. Best of luck and safe travels!

But if you would like to take a moment to enjoy, have a moondance!

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02/20/19: LOVE THE MOMENT!

IMG_3938 (1)

((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))






And since there is no wrong time to dance in the moonlight, enjoy!

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02/19/19: AWAY WE GO!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))

“Say after me, It’s no better to be safe than sorry.”  Take on Me,  A-Ha

It’s a good day for new ideas to lead the way – are you ready to put your plans into action? This Knight moves swiftly, is not inclined to linger in one place too long, and will not wait around for you to “decide.” If you want to make the most of this energy, the time to take the leap is right now – plenty of time to look around on the way down!

THE TAKEAWAY: Be brave enough to take a leap of faith in yourself. Good luck!

And because I love it so very much, enjoy this musical invitation to take a risk.

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FEB 2019: Darkness before the Light!

Selene’s Wild Snow Moon appears Tuesday, the 19th, 9:37 AM CST.


((Spellcaster’s Tarot, Marquis and Murphy))

If you live in the American Midwest (this week in Chicago, we have six inches of snow, and we’re not done counting!), you do not need to be told this is both a Wild Snow Moon. This announcement is for the benefit of everyone everywhere else. 😉

Believe it or not, Spring really is just around the corner. If you have not been thinking about what you want to manifest, how best to implement, and otherwise create the future you want, do not waste another minute – get to work! Let’s look at the cards:

OPENING: ALL ABOUT THE SWORDS! Queen-Seven-Two: Power-Moving on-Ready. Our Queen is sharp and at the ready; that sword is not ornamental and she is more than ready to handle whatever comes her way. Sometimes, that means gathering up what is yours and walking away without debate (not in a snit but because it is what is best for you). But never forget, everywhere you go, there you are, so be ready!

TRANSITION: FEEL THE EARTH MOVE UNDER YOUR FEET! Five-King: Struggle-Power. Everyone struggles (that’s a given), and nothing lasts forever (also given), not even our struggles. Take heart! Face your struggles head-on under the energy of this particular moon and the likelihood that you will come out on top is magnified. Make it your business to make the most of it!

THE WIND UP: TAKE A REALLY GOOD LOOK! The Moon. Look Twice. FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a selenophile; I will never see The Moon in a negative light (and the pun is built right in!), and I will always read Her a good omen – particularly when she appears as the wind-up of a Full Moon reading! Here, She serves as a reminder to take a good, hard look at everything you are working to manifest; be sure you are seeing everything with a clear, practical eye (rather than the hopeful romance of rose-colored lenses).  But that doesn’t mean you can’t dance!

Winter is wrapping up and Spring is on the way – get ready!!!

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02/17/19: Positive vibes only!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))


We greet the new week with Six of Cups; Happiness is a choice – choose it!

TO BE CLEAR: I know this is not easy – plenty of things happen every day, and looking on the bright side does not necessarily lend itself to every mood – but that’s why it is a CHOICE. 

Additionally, Six of Cups, often referred to as the Nostalgia Card, reminds us to remember things fondly but not necessarily with rose-colored filters. “The Good Old Days” are largely mythological but that does not meant there aren’t happy memories – a day at the beach, a trip to the zoo, a particularly lovely midnight mass one snowy Christmas night, or just a normal moment with your mother, learning how to use the new food processor (and the raucous mayhem that ensued – I won’t lie, I think of this particular moment often when I am in the kitchen, and I always laugh out loud). These moments may (or may not) stand out in their own time but when you look back upon them, you see the joy in those ordinary moments.

THE TAKEAWAY: Joy is in the present moment – don’t miss it. 

This week belongs to you – make it whatever you want it to be!

And as long as we are looking on the bright side, let’s walk on sunshine!

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02/15-17/19 WEEKEND: Let Love Rule!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))


If you have decided to extend Valentine’s Day through the weekend (and really, why not?), you have the perfect weekend for it. If your heart is full, follow your passion, and realize the fullness of your home, hearth and life. Be brave – it’s worth it!

And finally, the last “love” song for our Love Week: ENJOY!

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02/14/19: Set yourself free!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))

Our week begins its wrap-up with a message: love yourself enough to free yourself from the thoughts that plague you.

Much of this week has been about new ideas and going your own way –  a sense of freedom undoubtedly accompanied by responsibility and some doubt. The thing to remember about doubt is the weight it takes on if you feed it; it grows steadily heavier until it takes on an unbearable life of its own. But here’s the important bit: YOU DON’T HAVE TO FEED IT! In fact, you do not have to maintain the doubt at all – you can dismiss it out of hand right from the start. CHOOSE YOURSELF!


On a separate note, today is St. Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love in all its forms (not just “romantic” love as depicted by Hallmark cards and movies). Tell the people you love just how much they mean to you, today and every day.

And for a bit of fun, please enjoy this “love” song.

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