02/08/16 Dark Moon Rising: The Moon

“It was all so strange, and I cannot remember it properly. Well, you know how dreams are. ” Barbara Moore

Moon Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

I love this card and I love its arrival for The Dark Moon; Hecate imparts the wisdom of the ages while we are cloaked in her profound darkness. Profound truths are revealed to us at this time – heed the messages!

This is a good time to start a new project of the self; I would like to suggest the following affirmations (easily converted to prayers or spellwork as your needs be):

  • I release that which does not serve me.
  • I invite abundance into my life.
  • I release all negative attachment.
  • I absorb positive energy.
  • My life promotes healing.
  • I welcome appropriate change.
  • I look forward to new lessons and new adventures.
  • I welcome growth of heart, mind and soul.

Use the energy of the Dark Moon to find and receive information you have been missing, ignoring, or denying; Hecate always brings truth – allow her wisdom to strengthen you.

((Images courtesy of Google Images.))



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